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Home » Transcript: The Facts Behind the New Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery (Interview with Craig Evans)

Transcript: The Facts Behind the New Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery (Interview with Craig Evans)

Full text of the interview with Craig Evans titled ‘The Facts Behind the New Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery.’

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SEAN MCDOWELL: Hey everybody, thanks for joining us. You got a behind-the-scenes look with Dr. Craig Evans in his office, because we’re about to talk about the latest Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery: Are they forgeries? What do they reveal about the time of Jesus? Why was this discovery made now, and what are some of the biggest misconceptions about it?

Chatting before this interview, I learned a number of things, and misconceptions that I’d gotten from reading some of the popular press, so you’re in for a treat, and there is nobody that I know who is better equipped to talk about this than Dr. Craig Evans. He has been studying historical Jesus for decades, written books on archaeology and studied the Dead Sea Scrolls and is going to give us his time to help us make sense of this. So really appreciate you coming on.

CRAIG EVANS: Well, you are very welcome, Sean. Good to be with you.

SEAN MCDOWELL: Well, let’s jump in right away, and I am curious if you could talk a little bit about your experience and just your fascination with kind of archaeology and the Bible, and how it relates to the Dead Sea Scrolls. What got you started on this journey first?

CRAIG EVANS: Well, as a PhD student, I had the good fortune of working with studying under William Brownlee and John Trevor. John Trevor had just arrived at Clairmont where I did my PhD when I arrived at Clairmont, and here I had – these were the two guys that were in Israel 1947-48 when the Scrolls came to live, and of course their famous picture is of John Trevor with his tripod camera taking photographs with the Great Isaiah scroll. Bill Brownlee had the Great Isaiah Scroll, I mean they rolled it out on over a bed in a dorm. Bill brought it home in 1948 to teach Hebrew at Duke University where his career began.

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