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Home » What Really Matters In life: Roger Christie (Transcript) 

What Really Matters In life: Roger Christie (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of Roger Christie’s talk titled “What Really Matters In life!” at TEDxStHildasSchool conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Hello everyone, good afternoon. Thank you for coming back in after lunch, and thank you for hosting me. My name is Roger Christie. As you can see from the screen, I am going to be loosely touching on social media today.

The Core Question

The bigger question that I am talking to you all about is, and this is quite a large one, what really matters in life, and why it is important that you learn now. That sort of question, you are probably thinking, “How does that apply to me?” or, “Is that not too large a question to be addressing in such a short space of time?” The reason I want to talk about what really matters in life, is because I think it determines a lot of the other decisions you are going to make in life. Being aware of what really matters will help drive your path.

Particularly with all of you here today, you have all got exciting and interesting lives ahead of you, and I think it is important to drill into what really matters to set yourself on the right course from the word “go.” Over the next 15 minutes or so, I hope that one thing that comes out of today’s discussion, if you can go away from today’s talk and over the weekend, with your friends and family, actually question and ask yourself, “What really matters to you?” I will have hopefully met my goal. Hopefully, it is not actually the answer that is important; it is the process of asking the question, showing that you have thought about it, that you have considered what is important to you.

A Personal Story

I’m going to start with a story though. What is happening on this dark road? I was walking home from work one night back in 2013, I suddenly realized, it was quite late at night, I had been at work for a long day, and I suddenly realised, “What was I doing?” I had been there since 6:30, I was leaving at 8:30, and I thought, “This is not exactly how work is supposed to be.” I used to work quite close to home, about a 20-minute walk, and I thought when I started that job, “How handy is that? How handy is it living 20 minutes walk from your office?”

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