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Home » What Will Happen to Marketing in the Age of AI? – Jessica Apotheker (Transcript)

What Will Happen to Marketing in the Age of AI? – Jessica Apotheker (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Jessica Apotheker’s talk titled “What Will Happen to Marketing in the Age of AI?” at TED conference.

Jessica Apotheker’s talk, “What Will Happen to Marketing in the Age of AI?”, explores the significant changes in marketing due to the advent of AI. She reflects on how the promise of digital tools 30 years ago to reduce workload didn’t decrease work hours but changed the nature of work, leading to more complex tasks and larger data processing. Apotheker emphasizes the imminent integration of generative AI into core business functions, heralding another major productivity revolution.

She discusses how AI in marketing could lead to more personalized content for consumers but also warns of the potential for content overload and a lack of diversity in creative output. To combat these issues, she advises developing a “left-AI brain” within organizations, focusing on data science and predictive analytics, while also protecting and nurturing right-brained, creative talents. She highlights the importance of not solely relying on AI, as over-dependence can stifle true innovation and diversity of ideas.

Apotheker concludes by urging marketers to identify their strengths, whether in creativity or data analysis, and to develop skills accordingly in this new AI-driven landscape.

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The Dawn of a Digital Revolution

So let me start by bringing you back in time. We are 30 years ago, and the first word processors and spreadsheets are about to hit the market. And the whole economic world is bracing for the next big productivity revolution. Their promise at the time was we’d all spend so much less time writing, drawing slides, computing numbers on a calculator.

And here we are, 30 years later, and the promise has come true. We all have so much leisure time on our hands, and personally, I only work two days a week. Of course, I’m just kidding. The reality of what has happened 30 years later is we don’t work less. We just write much longer word documents.

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