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Why I Don’t Do Jokes About Politics in India – Stand Up Comedy: Kenny Sebastian (Transcript)

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Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian – Indian stand up comedian

Thank you so much. It means a lot.

You guys are the positive audience. Okay? There’s a positive audience that comes out and supports live comedy. It’s great. You could’ve done anything. You could’ve watched Netflix or whatever. Fought traffic. Came late, also. But, it’s okay .You came. It’s nice.

There’s always a negative to this, right? You guys are supporting comedy, there’s a negative audience which hates comedy, dude. Like they hate it. Not dislike. They hate jokes, okay? They will be sitting at home and they see a joke on YouTube and they’ll be like… And they get up and their wife is like, “What happened? – I’m angry. Where’re you going? – I’m going to the police station. Why? -To file an FIR. Are you insane? – Yes. And they go. They wear their slippers and all. And they go to the police station.

Cop! Cop is like, “What?” I want to file an FIR – Of course I’ll do this. I’ll file an FIR for a joke. Other important shit, I won’t do. Yeah. Come. Even the pen is angry. The pen is also… I’ve lost my phone five times and I didn’t file an FIR because I’m lazy. Okay? But, these guys don’t like a joke and they file an FIR.

It’s amazing. I’ve lot of respect for that. Because angry and delusional people are so productive, dude. They’re so productive. It’s not fair. All the smart people are like. But, I’ve to click this for the rainforests. If I click this, the rainforest will get saved? But, I don’t want to click because I want to click on suggested videos. Anyway. So, there’s that audience.

There’s negative audience. You guys are the positive audience. There’s one that’s worse, third category. Which is, the audience that gives feedback Holy shit. I would take an FIR over feedback. Any day I’m kidding. I don’t want both. Okay? Every time I upload a video on YouTube I upload it and you get the usual comments. Right? You get the haha, very funny. LOL haha. Relatable af. One guy’s like, “You’re only getting fans because you’re cute, buddy.” I’m like, “Yeah. I know I know.”

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I know. All these comments. Thanks. All these comments, great expected but there’s this one guy who’ll always like “I love the jokes and observations. They’re very clever.” Ha ha ha But, the real question I want to ask is, “Are you aware of the massive following you have?” Young people look up to you. So, my question to you, Kenneth Sebastian is when are you going to talk about issues? The real issues. Socio political issues. Religious issues. Political issues. Shh shh shh shh shh. Shh shh issues? Space shh shh enter. Okay?

So then I realize that people don’t realize that I’m self aware, okay? I know why I do jokes about restaurants and tea. Okay? It’s not by accident. It’s not like I get up in the morning. Hey, filter coffee is weird this. That’s not why I write. Because whenever I’ve done jokes about tea I make jokes about biscuits. You’ve seen my videos. I do jokes on biscuits. Yes. Ah, see all the love I’m getting. This is lovely.

I’ve never done a joke on biscuits and suddenly I can hear a knock on my door. And suddenly a Parle G biscuit is like, “What did you say, you dog?” That’s never happened because biscuits are non violent. I’ve never seen brutality of two like Parle G brutally murdered by Bourbon. It’s never happened. Okay? That’s why I do jokes on simple stuff that won’t get me in trouble.

People ask me, “Why don’t you do jokes on religion?” Really? Because I’m not insane. Yeah. Because we’re not ready for jokes on religion. I’m sorry, guys. I know you guys think you’re damn cool and open and all. But, no, buddy. You’re not. You’re not ready. Yeah, maybe 60 years from now. When I’m old and I’m in one like open mic and I’ll be like you, “You know, one day, Jesus walks into a bar.” See, all of you have become quiet. Okay? All of you. It’s a hypothetical situation. And all of you become. Half of you are not even Christians. But, you’re like I should be quiet. And it’s a stupid joke. Jesus doesn’t walk into a bar. He can turn water into wine. He doesn’t have to what anyway. So, you guys are not ready, okay? So, religion is out.

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