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Home » Why We Should Rethink Our Relationship With The Smartphone: Lior Frenkel (Transcript)

Why We Should Rethink Our Relationship With The Smartphone: Lior Frenkel (Transcript)

Lior Frenkel at TEDxBG

Following is the full transcript of technologist Lior Frenkel’s TEDx Talk: Why We Should Rethink Our Relationship With The Smartphone at TEDxBG conference. Lior Frenkel is Co-Founder and CEO of the nuSchool, and the founder of UNDIGITIZE.ME – a social project dealing with Smartphone addiction.

Listen to the MP3 audio and read the transcript: Why we should rethink our relationship with the smartphone by Lior Frenkel @ TEDxBG


Lior Frenkel – Founder, UNDIGITIZE.ME

Hi everyone.

Just before I start, I’d like all of you to take your smartphones and show it to me, where is it in your hands please, and I will take a picture of that. Because that is what I do every time before I speak.

Okay. Are you ready?

Okay. Thank you. Now please put it the deepest pocket you can.

Okay. I came here today to talk to you about an addiction — one that many of us share but we usually ignore. And I’m speaking about the smartphone addiction.

A year ago, I was working for a start-up. We developed an iPhone application who tried to get you the best videos from all around the web. We wanted to make people entertained and happy and excited during the day. But we also wanted to make some money.

And with you that the best way to make some money is if as many people as possible will use the application for as many minutes a day.

So I signed up for this workshop which was all about how to get people hooked to your app. They showed us how with negative emotions, like being lonely or bored or dissatisfied, you can use them as internal triggers and get people try your app and then stay there for as long as possible.

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