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Home » Why What We Feel Matters More Than What We Think: Natasha Sharma (Transcript)

Why What We Feel Matters More Than What We Think: Natasha Sharma (Transcript)

Natasha Sharma at TEDxStMaryCSSchool

Full text of Natasha Sharma’s talk: Why What We Feel Matters More Than What We Think at TEDxStMaryCSSchool conference.

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Natasha Sharma – Psychotherapist

Have you ever made a bad decision?

We all have.

Most of the decisions we make are based on how we feel: Overeating, cheating on an exam, maybe staying in a bad relationship or ending a good one. The majority of our decisions are guided by our emotions. So it’s important that we understand this.

We make about 35,000 decisions in a single day. Now, I don’t know how many of these are bad ones, but what I do know is that most of them are guided by our decisions or emotional process.

People say funny things to me all the time. They say things like, ‘I’m not an emotional thinker’, and they say funny things to other people like this.

Have you ever been called an emotional person? “I’m not an emotional person”, but that always seems very funny to me because all human beings are emotional people. It’s part of being a human and yet we hear this all the time.

Here’s something else funny that people say.

They say that when they get old, they’re okay if their body breaks down, they’re fine if they need help going up and down the stairs. They need a little assistance getting in and out of bed, but they want their minds to be intact.

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