Winning The Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity: Ogie Shaw (Transcript)

Ogie Shaw at TEDxSpokane

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Ogie Shaw – Fitness Expert

Is exercise important?

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes. One of the things they all have in common is they can be affected by obesity. The first recorded heart attack in this country was in 1896.

In 1896, in this country you had to get exercise to go to the bathroom. Everybody lived on farms. But we got smart.

We start building machines to help us get our work done. We moved to the cities, started pushing buttons for a living and pushing the wrong button could really create a lot of stress. And we started noticing that people starting to die from clogging the arteries.

By the Korean War, half the soldiers, averaging 19 years of age, killed during that war showed significant blockage of coronary arteries.

1956, the Eisenhower administration had a big meeting in Washington DC. The military is noticing something funny starting to happen. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find young American men who could pass the induction physicals for the military. They wanted to figure out who to blame; what’s the problem.

They looked into the public schools, and some researchers had done fitness tests involving the ability of our students at the high school and junior high school level to perform, what they call, functional movements. Just everyday things you might have to do on your job, or in your lives, like can you bend over and you touch your toes, you know?

At 16 years of age, you should be able to put your toes in your mouth. We thought that was the dumbest idea anybody ever came up with the test kids for physical fitness, because we thought the kids are fit just because they’re young.

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57.8% of our kids failed that test. We said that can’t be right. If that’s true, we have the most unfit kids in world. And folks, that’s just not possible.

So they decide to take the test of the kids and give it to the kids in Europe. 7% failed.

They start that test all over the world; could not find another group of kids on the planet they had anywhere close to a 7% failure rate on that test. A 57% failure on that test.

We came back, started what eventually became the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Over 40 years now everywhere you turn, somebody’s going to put you and your kids on exercise programs.

And then we got another bright idea. Why don’t we check to see how fit we’ve become? 40% of us are still enthusiastically avoiding exercise. 50% are exercising and still in lousy shape. About 10% are keeping fit.

University of Indiana measured the fitness level of 4 million kids between 6 and 17 years of age, and found that in the middle of all this hoopla about exercise, 57% of our kids are still failing fitness test. And fitness leaders say they’re worse now than they were 30 years ago.

We’re finding 14 to 19-year old kids with 40% blockage of coronary arteries. What used to be called adult onset diabetes is now showing up in kids between 4 and 10 years of age. They say we’re raising the first generation that will have a shorter life expectancy than either their parents or grandparents. It has never before happened in our history.

The state of Oregon has the highest rate of obesity of any state West of The Rockies. Our public schools are being gutted because of budget cuts. And the first thing we always cut is physical education. They formed an Oregon Health Policy Commission to tell us how to solve this problem. They published a 65-page report which basically said we don’t know.

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