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You REALLY Are What You Eat: Hether Crawford (Transcript)

Full text of personal trainer Hether Crawford’s talk: You REALLY are what you eat at TEDxAntioch conference. In this talk, she shares her ideas for how we can change our lives via nutrition and committing to one small change in order to watch our bodies work the way they were designed to.


Hether Crawford – Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer

I’m someone that does not like to waste time. I was married at 19, started my family at 21. And at the age of 25 had my second child.

We were your typical American fast food family. Always on the go, we very frequently went through the drive-throughs. And when at home we ate quick-boxed meals.

And like a lot of people, we lived on soft-drinks in the mornings to wake us up and sugary snacks in the afternoons to keep us going.

But none of us was overweight. So it couldn’t really be hurting us. Right?

Well, I had thousands of dollars in dental bills. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and my husband had severe allergies. But it was my children that finally made me look at and take seriously the phrase you are what you eat’.

My daughter was struggling in school. Her mind would wander. And she often left her class work unfinished. Her grades and her self-esteem were tremendously suffering. It was so frustrating for me to not be able to help her get more organized, “She was so smart. Why couldn’t she finish her work?”

My son was pretty much born sick. He was diagnosed with asthma. He had chronic upper respiratory infections that required frequent breathing treatments, multiple ear infections that led to three different ear surgeries. We had his pediatrician on speed dial and we spent so many holidays together.

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