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Home » 3 Steps To Better Connect With Your Fellow Humans: Amber Cabral (Transcript)

3 Steps To Better Connect With Your Fellow Humans: Amber Cabral (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Amber Cabral’s talk titled “3 Steps To Better Connect With Your Fellow Humans” at TED conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


OK, so my name is Amber Cabral, and I teach people how to be good humans. What that essentially comes down to is I work with a lot of well-recognized brands on something that is a pretty consistent challenge day-to-day. And what that really comes down to is: how do we help people who are different from one another experience a sense of belonging and support in the workplace? Now we’ve all had that moment.

We’ve been at work and we’re like, “Ah, I just don’t feel like I fit here.” And so I help organizations kind of start to figure out how to make the connections necessary for that to work. Now support sounds easy. Like we think we can just do that, because we do it all the time.

Embracing Differences

We support people we love and care about. We support people that we think we understand, even if we don’t know them. But when it comes to people that we, like, don’t know at all or we don’t have that connection with, well, then we kind of get a little weird about it. And what we really need to do is pay attention to those differences.

Because there’s magic in those differences, there’s something in there that we actually have an opportunity to learn and grow from. But we’ve kind of been taught to politely ignore when we’re different from one another. We don’t actually pay attention to it. And here’s the thing: differences are inevitable.

Look around this room. Think about your travel into this room today. You encountered all kinds of differences. We have different backgrounds, different ideas, different perspectives. We have different identities, we have different abilities, all of it. And it’s going to continue to be that way forever.

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