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Home » The Science of Improving Your Brain’s Creativity: Nick Skillicorn (Transcript)

The Science of Improving Your Brain’s Creativity: Nick Skillicorn (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Nick Skillicorn’s talk titled “The Science of Improving Your Brain’s Creativity” at TEDxDurhamUniversity conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Introduction to Creativity

So, what I’m going to be talking about is creativity, specifically the fact that the majority of people are actually sabotaging themselves, sabotaging their ability to come up with ideas that are going to help them in their lives, help their businesses succeed, help society, and essentially help move society forward.

So, around enhancing your brain’s creativity, this is going to take into account a lot of psychological work that’s been done, a lot of neuroscience, and a lot of information that’s coming from businesses around what actually helps ideas get implemented as well as being generated. So, I want to start off quickly asking, please raise your hands if you consider yourselves to be creative. Okay, quite a few people.

In that case, please raise your hand if you consider yourselves to not be creative. Okay, quite a few people as well. And as well as that, raise your hand if you want to become more creative, if that’s possible. Oh, good, the vast majority of people.

Everyone Is Creative

So, the answer is, everyone is creative. And one of the first myths that I want to dispel is this idea that there’s this segregation between people who are creative and who aren’t creative. And there’s this myth going around popular culture right now about left-brained people versus right-brained people. It’s this idea that if people get damaged to the left hemisphere of their brain, that the right hemisphere takes over and that makes them more creative.

Essentially, this is all rubbish. I had to stop myself there. It’s all rubbish. What insights around functional brain imaging and structural brain imaging are showing us is that all of the brain is actually used when creative inspiration moments take place. Essentially, what’s happening when an idea is being generated is that new connections are being formed between networks of neurons in the brain, both between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere.

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