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Home » 3 Tools to Become More Creative: Balder Onarheim (Transcript)

3 Tools to Become More Creative: Balder Onarheim (Transcript)

Balder Onarheim at TEDxCopenhagenSalon

Here is the transcript and summary of creativity expert Balder Onarheim’s talk: 3 Tools to Become More Creative at TEDxCopenhagenSalon event conference.

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My talk today will be about re-learning creativity. And as you’ve seen from the talks, of course, I can’t teach you anything in 20 minutes.

So what I’ll try to do is I’ll try to give you three very concrete tools that you can go home and use to try to become a bit more creative person.

The first thing I need to know from the audience is of course, do you find yourself creative? So I want you all to close your eyes. And keep your eyes closed. If you feel like a creative person, raise your hand so I can see.

Okay, and then keep your hand up. A lot of people try to take it down and open your eyes again.

Wow, this is a real great audience. Okay, so that will amplify one of my points. One of the things I normally see in audiences when I do this is people tend to take their hand down when I ask them to open their eyes.

And that brings me to our first question of this talk. And that is, please, why creativity? Why should any adult person want to be creative? Of course, creativity has kind of a bad reputation.

And when I say I’m a creativity expert, creativity researcher, people tend to say also work with dance and music. And this to me is sort of a myth about creativity. And one of the reasons I see people don’t dare to claim themselves as creatives.

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