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1% Better Every Day: James Clear (Full Transcript)

James Clear at ConvertKit Craft Commerce 2017

Here is the full text and summary of Atomic Habits author James Clear’s talk: 1% Better Every Day.

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Let me tell you a story. So it’s a story about a strategy and approach philosophy… one that I’ve been thinking a lot about. And it starts with a guy, that maybe you haven’t heard of. His name is Dave Brailsford.

And to set the stage for this, I want to tell you a little bit about British Cycling.

So about 15 years ago, early 2000s, British Cycling hires this guy named Dave Brailsford. And at that point, last like 100 years, British Cycling had been incredibly mediocre. They had won a single gold medal back in 1908. They had never won the Tour de France, which is the premium race in cycling, the premier race.

And so they hired this guy named Dave Brailsford to change that. And in fact at the time, they were so mediocre that when they went to buy a new set of bikes, they’re getting like 200 from a top manufacturer in Europe, they actually weren’t even given quotes from the manufacturer because they didn’t want other teams to see the British riders using their gear, for fear that it would hurt sales.

And so they brought Brailsford in, and they said: “What’s your plan for changing this?”

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