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Home » 365 Grateful Project: Hailey Bartholomew at TEDxQUT (Transcript)

365 Grateful Project: Hailey Bartholomew at TEDxQUT (Transcript)

Hailey Bartholomew at TEDxQUT

Here is the full text and audio of award-winning film-maker and photographer Hailey Bartholomew’s talk titled “365 Grateful Project” at TEDxQUT conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio:


Yes, and in 2008, I discovered the secret to happiness. And that’s why I’m here.

But before I discovered it, I was actually depressed. I felt incredibly… like life was a treadmill. Blah about life. Like there was no point that we were going to get married, have a couple of kids, buy a house, and you know, grow old and then die.

It sounds a bit dramatic because I am, but that is how I felt. And I was struggling to enjoy my life in any way. I had two healthy kids, a lovely partner, but it just did not feel anything for my life.

And so it was concerning me, because I wasn’t being a great mum or a great partner, and I wanted to be those things. So, I went and I found a nun. I’d heard about this lady who was helping people with some counseling and kind of spiritual directions, sort of stuff.

And I’m not catholic, but I wanted a whole new perspective. And she suddenly gave me that.

And I sat down with her and I was kind of suggesting why I might be so unhappy. And she listened patiently and then she said to me: “You know, I think the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude.”

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