365 Grateful Project: Hailey Bartholomew at TEDxQUT (Transcript)

Hailey Bartholomew at TEDxQUT

Here is the full transcript of award-winning film-maker and photographer Hailey Bartholomew’s talk titled “365 Grateful Project” at TEDxQUT conference.

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Yes, and in 2008, I discovered the secret to happiness. And that’s why I’m here.

But before I discovered it, I was actually depressed. I felt incredibly… like life was a treadmill. Blah about life. Like there was no point that we were going to get married, have a couple of kids, buy a house, and you know, grow old and then die.

It sounds a bit dramatic because I am, but that is how I felt. And I was struggling to enjoy my life in any way. I had two healthy kids, a lovely partner, but it just did not feel anything for my life.

And so it was concerning me, because I wasn’t being a great mum or a great partner, and I wanted to be those things. So, I went and I found a nun. I’d heard about this lady who was helping people with some counseling and kind of spiritual directions, sort of stuff.

And I’m not catholic, but I wanted a whole new perspective. And she suddenly gave me that.

And I sat down with her and I was kind of suggesting why I might be so unhappy. And she listened patiently and then she said to me: “You know, I think the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude.”

And at that time, I was like: “It’s a bit underwhelming.”

What does that mean in my life? And yes, I’m very grateful for my healthy kids. I know in my head that these are good things that I have, and I should be grateful.

But what about this feeling? I don’t feel anything for it. And so, she helped me, and she said: “Hailey, I want you to do a 10-day project, just take 10 minutes everyday, reflect through the day, really think through your conversations. You had breakfast, what did you do after that? And then see if there is anything there that pops out to you that you are grateful for. Not what you should, but what you feel.”

And so I took her advice and I did it. And it sparked something amazing within me because I started to see things I wouldn’t otherwise have seen. And they weren’t the things you think.

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And that 10-day project was amazing, but I knew I needed more of that. I needed a lot more of that.

So, being a photographer, I decided I was going to do a photo a day for a whole year of something I was grateful for every single day. And I bought enough Polaroid film to do a year-long project.

And, this is kind of what it started to look like. Not that. Let’s go back one. Yeah.

It was things like the color green. There are billion different shades of green there. I was suddenly one day just struck by it. It was my youngest daughter helping me down a step.

She is like 3, and she was like, “I’ll help you down.” It’s just adorable. And, things like money on the meter when you have no money in your wallet. That is amazing! It is such a gift.

And I started to see things like rainy days, meant that I got to use my favorite umbrellas. And, pancakes on a Sunday morning. They were so good, I didn’t get to photograph them. Sorry. But they are there.

And, beautiful friends getting married. Little and beautiful, special little moments through every single day that made me delighted in my day.

Actually, through the project I learned quite a lot of things — sorry I keep doing it twice — and probably the biggest thing I learned was how my expectations on other people prevented me from really appreciating who they were. Namely my husband who is here, and I’m going to say it: he’s not very romantic.

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