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7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone by Malavika Varadan (Transcript)

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Malavika Varadan at TEDxBITSPilaniDubai

RJ extraordinaire Malavika Varadan discusses 7 Ways to Make a Conversation with Anyone at TEDxBITSPilaniDubai.

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Hello everybody. I’m going to start with a question: how many of you know the person sitting next to you from before today? Interesting.

So do you remember the first conversation that you ever had with that person? You know, conversations are links. OK. Let’s imagine every conversation to be a tiny metalink and every time you talk to a stranger, a metalink is formed.

And every conversation that you have after that moment, the link gets stronger and stronger and every day each one of us meets so many strangers, the grocery guy, the cab guy. Maybe the receptionist at a new office you went to.

And with every conversation we build new links. Until finally at the end we’ve created a kind of massive worldwide web of conversations. World-wide web. It’s a catchy word, I think I have heard that somewhere. That’s it, right?

A conversation, it’s a fascinating thing, a conversation is an adventure. A conversation gives you a whole new perspective. A conversation opens a door. The conversations can make war. And conversations can make peace. And conversations define who we are as a human race.

And think about this: every single person in your life was once a stranger to you. And you knew nothing about them until you had that first conversation. So I’m here today to tell you to talk to strangers and to have a conversation. And I’m here to tell you how. Seven ways that you can make a conversation with almost anyone.

I’m a radio presenter and I love talking to people. I do. I love it. And I’m so glad that I do it for a living. Here is what my day is like, right. Every single morning I go into an empty room. And I put on a mike and I have a conversation with 1.6 million people that I can’t see. Yeah. You know, what the hardest part is, though. It’s timing. In a four-hour show I get 20 minutes. That’s all the talk there is. And in 20 minutes I have to convince you that I am your best friend.

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How do I do that? How do I establish a connection? I have 20 minutes to inform you, to excite you, to engage with you, but most importantly, 20 out of the 20 times that I switch on that mike, I have to leave a smile on your face. Except I can’t see you. I know nothing about you and I have no way of gauging your reactions.

How do you do it? How do you talk to a stranger? So well, my nine years in radio have taught me these simple little tricks.

Strangers. They are everywhere and we’ve always been told don’t talk to strangers but I beg to differ. Every stranger comes with an opportunity — an opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to have an experience you never had or hear a story that you’ve never heard before. And you had that moment, right? You’re in the room with someone you don’t know and you look across the room.

You see a stranger and you think I want to talk to this person and you can almost hear the first word but it just won’t come out, it kind of get stuck about here, it kind of goes up and down and you don’t know. You know what, here is my advice. Just say it. What’s the worst that can happen? They want to talk to you. Well they’re not talking to you now.

The first word floodgates — I truly believe that the first word acts as a floodgate. You know, once you said the first word, everything else just flows. So keep it simple – a hi, a hey, a hello, and do what every good bowler does. Just gather the enthusiasm, the positivity, the energy, put on a big smile and say hi. I know there is going to be that strange moment right now. Go on to someone sitting next to you, stick your hand out and say hello. Go on.

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I love the awkward laughter. Why is she making us do this? The first word floodgates.

You know, here is the challenge we face every day, time — we have 90 seconds on radio and we have to make that conversation with a stranger memorable. So how do you do it? What’s the biggest challenge? Honestly if we get stuck in the rut of hi, hey, how are you? I’m fine. What’s going on? Nothing much. Same old. So tell me what’s new? There you go, 45 seconds down wasted. Right?

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