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Home » How Many Towels Do You Need: Rose Lounsbury (Transcript)

How Many Towels Do You Need: Rose Lounsbury (Transcript)

Rose Lounsbury at TEDxDayton

Here is the full text of minimalism coach Rose Lounsbury’s talk titled “How Many Towels Do You Need?” at TEDxDayton conference. In this talk, she shares how to move towards a minimalist lifestyle and how it has improved her life.


How many towels do you need?

This was a question I faced on a Saturday afternoon in early 2012 as I scrutinized my linen cupboard. I had just started on a minimalist journey, inspired by my 1,500-square-foot house that could no longer comfortably contain the possessions of me, my husband and our three three-year-olds.

Yes, you heard it right — triplets.

The issue of our stuff had come to a head a few weeks earlier. We had returned from visiting relatives for Christmas, our van packed with gifts.

As I walked into our house and assessed our already stuffed surroundings, a slow, frightening realization came upon me. We didn’t have room for the things we already owned.

Where was I going to put this new stuff? I considered my options. We could buy a bigger house. We could buy no one Christmas presents anymore, ever.

But then a friend suggested a better idea: minimalism. Live with just what you need. Hmm. Never really thought about that.

But back to my linen cupboard. There I was, facing a literal tower of towels and one simple question: How many towels do you need? The answer was surprisingly clear: two per person.

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