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Home » Grant Blakeman: Minimalism – For a More Full Life at TEDxBoulder (Transcript)

Grant Blakeman: Minimalism – For a More Full Life at TEDxBoulder (Transcript)

Grant Blakeman

Grant Blakeman – TRANSCRIPT

Are you guys ready? This is going to be really quick. All right. I am going to tell you a story. It’s a story about my day, but it might also be your day. I wake up, I grab my phone, I check some email, I catch up on texts from last night, maybe Twitter, maybe for you it’s Facebook, blog posts, news. And now I am plugged in and ready to keep going on my day. So, let’s get to work.

I could work on this project, or this project or this project. The client has already e-mailed me five times since last night, and — but right now, I need a — actually talk to a different client I could email her or I could have an instant message conversation or a video chat, or a — maybe a phone call, but, right now someone’s bugging me on Twitter and I’ve got to get back to them. And then another client calls and, you know, his request is really reasonable, but it’s really urgent and I’ve got to drop everything that I am doing and — What was I doing? It doesn’t matter. It’s lunch time.

And, what did you have for lunch today? I mean, I bet it was the same thing you had yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that. But, let’s get back to work I like to listen to music while I work. My phone has got about a few thousand songs, but with the Internet I can stream just about anything I need to work out after work.

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