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Home » Mario Carpo: “The Second Digital Turn” @ Talks at Google (Transcript)

Mario Carpo: “The Second Digital Turn” @ Talks at Google (Transcript)

Mario Carpo


MARIO CARPO (architectural historian and critic): Thank you all for coming. Thank you for the invitation. Thank you for organizing this. Can you hear me? Yes. Thank you in advance for your patience — going to be very boring. I am very jet lagged. I may fall asleep while I speak. If that happens, just bring me a cup of coffee. You, in compensation, in the audience, you may fall asleep anytime.

So I guess I have to tell you something on new direction in computer-aided design — how advanced computation, electronic computation, has changed — is changing architectural design or architecture in general, which is the subject of my last book, which is on some chairs. Now, I understand that most of you are not architectural students, nor architects, nor designers That’s right? Who is an architect here? Raise your hand.

Well, you’re a minority. What are you doing here? So that’s good. So I will just make a short, more general introduction to bring in my topic. What do — let me bring in my pictures, which are somewhere. Oh, yes, I see it. Oh, yes it’s there. What do architects do? That’s a very general query. You know since you’re an architect. Ask any architect. They will tell you we build. We do buildings, big buildings, well, when we manage — when we are successful. Most of the time, we do not manage, but that’s the idea. We make buildings.

Well, that’s the idea, but it is not actually, literally, technically right, because we, architects — we do not lay bricks. We do not cut stone. We do not carve wood. We do not pour concrete. We do not dig foundations. We do not any of these technical, physical, material stuff. Yes, we build buildings, but we build buildings by making drawings of buildings. We make drawings, not buildings. We make drawings, clean drawings. We give them to the builders, and the builders, they, will make the buildings we design. We do not make.

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