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Home » The Biomolecular Tales of Our Ancestors: Alisa Kazarina at TEDxRiga (Transcript)

The Biomolecular Tales of Our Ancestors: Alisa Kazarina at TEDxRiga (Transcript)

Alisa Kazarina at TEDxRiga


Imagine a parallel universe that coexists in the same place as our universe, in the same space, at the same time. This universe is overcrowded with life forms. It is invisible and intangible like the finest layer of reality, which we cannot notice.

But it is there, and it maintains the functionality of our everyday world. Without it, we just wouldn’t exist.

Now, would you be surprised if I told you that actually everything I said before is true? Because I’m about to tell you this. I’m talking about the world of microbes — a separate world, yet so deeply connected to us. And the story of this connection expands far away into the past.

But thanks to modern science, we are now able to read this story like a history book. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present biomolecular archeology, the science behind this history book.

And I am here to share with you what fascinating things we can try to manage with this powerful modern science. But let’s start with the term itself: biomolecular archeology.

It’s not even easy to pronounce, not to mention to try to understand the essence of this phrase. There might not be a problem with the archeology part, right? We’ve all seen it in movies, we know what it is about, but what is “biomolecular” anyway?

The first thing that comes to mind: it is something about biology and molecules. And this is actually correct. A biological molecule, or a biomolecule, is any molecule that is present in a living organism.

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