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Home » Change Your Closet, Change Your Life: Gillian Dunn (Transcript)

Change Your Closet, Change Your Life: Gillian Dunn (Transcript)

Gillian Dunn at TEDxWhiteRock

Here is the full text of registered nurse Gillian Dunn’s talk titled “Change Your Closet, Change Your Life” at TEDxWhiteRock conference.

Best Quote from this talk:

“No, because you know the present on the inside is even better than the wrapping. I think life gives us a present and it’s called today and we hold back from unwrapping it and we give ourselves excuses and make it feel okay. But really what’s on the inside is what matters.”

Listen to the MP3 Audio: 


I believe there are two types of people in the world. Those that sing in the shower and those that perform in the shower. And I am a performer.

I don’t know what it is about that small space with the water running. My shampoo bottle is my microphone and my loofah singing backup, all I know is when I’m done, I want to start touring instead of toweling.

Now after the shower is out of the way comes the really important part: choosing what to wear.

I stand in front of my closet, bursting at the seams and I still have the thought: I have nothing to wear.

Now usually this decision is made a little bit easier for me, because I work as a registered nurse and we wear scrubs to work. With the big bold blocks of colors that scrubs are, sometimes the decision feels more like what giant Crayola crayon do I want to be today.

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