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Home » Alan Watkins: Why You Feel What You Feel at TEDxOxford (Transcript)

Alan Watkins: Why You Feel What You Feel at TEDxOxford (Transcript)

Alan Watkins

Here is the full transcript of Complete Coherence founder Alan Watkins’ TEDx Talk presentation: Why You Feel What You Feel at TEDxOxford conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio: Why you feel what you feel by Alan Watkins at TEDxOxford


Alan Watkins – Founder, Complete Coherence

So good afternoon. It’s a real pleasure to do another TED Talk and today I’m going to talk to you about you — and share with you hopefully an idea that’s really made a massive difference in my life, and hopefully could make a massive difference in your life, too.

Now, I spent my life really studying human beings. So when I was a kid, I was the youngest of four, so I spent a lot of time just watching my brothers and sisters and seeing the mess and the challenge that they got into and trying to clock how I avoided that. And then I had the great fortune of training as a physician, and some of you may know that medical training is the most incredible opportunity, because you get up close and personal with human suffering on every single level on a daily basis.

And I’ve been in the room where people have died right in front of me and it’s a really profound moment. I’ve also been in the room where life is coming to the world. I’ve delivered a number of children, including three of my own four boys, one of whom is at the back, ‘Hi son’.

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