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Home » Unexpected: Ray Lewis at TEDxYouth@VHS (Transcript)

Unexpected: Ray Lewis at TEDxYouth@VHS (Transcript)

Full text of football player Ray Lewis’ talk: Unexpected at TEDxYouth@VHS conference. In this talk, Ray Lewis shares how the greatest glory in life comes from the greatest pain. He encourages us to keep on, never quitting and takes us inside the unexpected pain he experienced in his personal life as well as in the game of football. He shares how he took his greatest pain and turned them into his greatest victories.

Best quotes from this talk:

“Man believes in the possible, God believes in the impossible.”

“If you can find a way to push through pain, there’s something greater on the other side of it.”

“Because if you don’t control pain, it’ll control you.”

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Ray Lewis – Football player

Show of hands, how many people has dealt with pain somewhere in your life, right?

Today, I wanted to just really hit on something, successfully dealing with pain. I think you hear many stories in and every story I just sat in the back room and listened to them, I’m watching these people triumphing and figure out ways to keep going.

But how do you keep going? Why do you keep going, when the world says everything else is supposed to be opposite?

October 7th, we’re playing the Dallas Cowboys in Baltimore. And I’m studying all week, I’ve studied all week for this one moment, and I know it’s going to happen, I know, I know it’s going to happen. And I’m looking at Tony Romo and I’m watching him drop back and I’m saying to myself, I’m saying, drop and just pick up your hands and just pick it, pick means intercepts, right?

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