When God Seems Too Late: Joel Osteen (Full Transcript)

Full text of Joel Osteen’s sermon titled “When God Seems Too Late” which was delivered on March 07, 2021.

Best quote from this message:

“Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act. Keep traveling steadily along his path and in due season he will honor you with every blessing.”

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Joel Osteen – Pastor, Lakewood Church

Well, God bless you. It’s great to be with you today. I hope you will stay connected with us throughout the week. We have a daily podcast that you can download. You can go to our YouTube channel and watch the messages anytime, or of course you can follow us on social media, I promise you we’ll keep you encouraged and inspired. But thanks for tuning in. Thanks again for coming out today.

I’d like to start with something funny.

One day, Adam was talking to God. He said, “God, why did you make Eve so beautiful?”

God said, “So you would love her.”

He said, “Well, God, why did you give her such long flowing hair?”

God said it again, “So you would love her.”

“Well, God, why did you give her such a great figure?”

God said the same thing, “So you would love her.”

He said, “Okay. God, you made her so beautiful, so attractive, why did you make her so dumb?”

God said, “That’s easy, Adam. So she would love you.”

Say it like you mean it.

This is my Bible. I am what it says I am; I have what it says I have; I can do what it says I can do. Today I will be taught the Word of God. I boldly confess, my mind is alert; my heart is receptive; I will never be the same; in Jesus name. God bless you.

I want to talk to you today about When God Seems Too Late. We all have things that we’re believing for… dreams to come to pass, problems to turn around. We’ve been praying, standing in faith, but nothing is happening.

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Now it seems like we’ve missed our chance. “It’s too late to have a baby. It’s too late to start my business. Too late to break this addiction, I’ve had it so long”, but many times God waits on purpose till the odds are against us, he waits till the obstacle is too big, so when he turns it around there won’t be any doubt it was his favor, his healing, his power, making a way where there was no way.

Don’t be discouraged when it seems too late, you don’t see how it can happen – you’re in prime position for God to show out in your life.

God told Abraham when he was a hundred years old that he was going to have a baby. Abraham’s wife Sarah was barren, she had never had children. Plus she had gone through the change of life. God could have given Abraham this promise when he was 30 years old, when Sarah was in her prime to have a child.

Or when he was 40 years old, a more normal age to have a baby. He is God, he has everything strategically planned out down to the smallest details. It’s not like he forgot, or he miscalculated, “Oh, I meant to give them this promise years earlier, why did I wait so long”?

God on purpose waited for the odds to be against them. On purpose, he waited till they were at that age. On purpose he chose Sarah who was barren, not able to have children.

Maybe God has put promises in your heart that seemed too late. You don’t see how you could get well, how your child can get back on course, how you’ll meet the right person. God didn’t miscalculate, he didn’t accidentally choose the wrong person.

God let the odds be against you on purpose. He let it seem like it’s too big, too late, too far gone. You’re right where Abraham was: a baby when my wife is barren? A baby at a hundred years of age? God let the circumstances seem impossible, then he said “Now, Abraham I’m going to bless you.”

God doesn’t do things on a normal schedule, a normal timeframe, he has some unscheduled blessings from you, things that are out of season, out of the ordinary, that shouldn’t happen now.

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“Joel, I’m past my prime. The medical report says it’s too late. The financial experts say things should be down.”

That’s when God steps in and says “Let me show you who I am: I am not limited by time, I’m not affected by the economy, I’m not restricted by your age, your background, the opposition, by how long it’s been… I control the universe. When I speak wombs come back to life. When I speak Red Seas part. When I speak sicknesses lead. When I speak Compaq Centers open up. When I speak addictions are broken, marriages are restored, opportunities show up”.

When thoughts tell you “It’s too late. It’s never going to happen now”, let that go in one ear and out the other. God is faithful. What he promised you is still in route. You may not see any sign of it, every circumstance says there’s no way, things are happening that you can’t see.

In the unseen realm God is moving the wrong people out of the way, lining up the healing, the favor, the good breaks – they’re already on your schedule.

But here’s the key: if you could see how it was going to happen, that wouldn’t take any faith. If God would have promised Abraham a baby at 30 years old, that would have been great, but that wasn’t unusual.

God is going to put promises in your heart that are out of the ordinary, things that seem unlikely, too big: too much money, too much opposition. Now it’s up to you what you do with that promise. Are you going to dismiss it? “I think that’s not for me. No way that can happen now. Me get well now? Start my business now? Meet the right person now? Do you know how long I’ve been single? God where were you 20 years earlier”?

How do you know that God has not waited on purpose? How do you know, like Abraham and Sarah, that God didn’t let the odds be against you for a reason? He’s saying to you what he said to them “Now I’m going to bless you. Now I’m going to heal you. Now I’m going to turn that child around. Now, at this season in your life, I’m going to cause your business to take off”.

Why don’t you receive that into your spirit? It’s not too late. You haven’t missed your chance. God waited so he can show out in your life. He wants to make you an example of his goodness. If he did it at a normal time no one would have noticed. If he did it under ordinary circumstances it would have been no big deal.

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Get ready for some unscheduled blessings, out of season increase, not the-normal-time promotion. Promises that you’ve given up on, dreams you’ve let go of, you’ve accepted it’s too late to accomplish that goal, too late to break the addiction, too late to have a baby – that may be true looking at it on a normal schedule, you don’t see it there, but God is saying “It’s still on my schedule. I still have a way to bring it to pass. I wouldn’t have promised it if I wasn’t going to do it”.

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