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Home » An Updated Action Plan for Solving the Climate Crisis – Ryan Panchadsaram and Anjali Grover (Transcript)

An Updated Action Plan for Solving the Climate Crisis – Ryan Panchadsaram and Anjali Grover (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of TED conversation titled “An Updated Action Plan for Solving the Climate Crisis.” In this insightful conversations, Systems innovator Ryan Panchadsaram and strategist Anjali Grover talk with TED science curator David Biello about the latest on the world’s progress toward solving the climate crisis.

Listen to the audio version here:


ANJALI GROVER: What we’ve seen over the last few years is unprecedented levels of investment and innovation. But in order for us to solve the problem in time, we need to put pressure on our leaders to take action now.

The Speed and Scale Action Plan

DAVID BIELLO: You guys have a plan to solve climate change. Tell me about that.

RYAN PANCHADSARAM: We do. Back in 2020, we set out to apply OKRs to the climate crisis. And OKRs are objectives and key results. It’s a goal-setting tool used by thousands of organizations to reach for their most audacious goals. And so in 2021, we published a book and an action plan. And that action plan described how to tackle the climate crisis.

But it used these OKRs. So 10 objectives of what we need to accomplish, each paired with a handful of KRs to tell us how we get there, what we need to really do. And then in 2022, we updated to track how we were doing.

Assessing Progress on Climate Goals

And now, for the first time, 2024, we’re setting out to answer the hard question of how are we doing in tackling the climate crisis.

DAVID BIELLO: So in 2021, you joined us in Edinburgh and gave a talk on stage with John Doerr.

[Video clip) John Doerr: “There are six big objectives. We’re going to electrify transportation, which means stop using diesel and gas for our vehicles. We’re going to decarbonize the grid with wind and solar and nuclear.

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