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Art Williams: Do It! (Full Transcript)

Full text of high school football coach and entrepreneur Art Williams’ famous speech “Do It”. This speech was delivered to the 1987 National Religious Broadcaster Convention and has become a classic example of Art’s philosophy on winning in business.

Best Quote from this speech:

“Total commitment gives you that little extra ounce of courage you need to fight back through the tough times. Winning in business, demands the same kind of commitment that winning in marriage demands.”

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Art Williams – Entrepreneur

Thank you. Thank you Jerry and I tell you I don’t know if I’ve been this nervous in a long time. This is the most intimidating thing that I think it’s ever happened to me, an old dumb South Georgia football coach speaking to a bunch of TV personalities, like many of you, many great evangelists in the audience, and who put me between [Jerry] Falwell and [Jimmy] Swaggart on the same night just totally blows me away.

But I’ll try to give it my best shot. I was asked to talk to you about how to win in business. I think it’s a good subject for you to think about, because I believe business in America is in a crisis situation today. All you have to do is read the paper, and every month see our trade deficit, and it’s just a very depressing situation.

And to speak to you about how to win in business, there’s a lot of obvious things I could talk about. You first have to find a need. You’ve got to fill the need for the consumer out there. You’ve got to have a market. You’ve got to have somebody to sell your product or your service to.

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