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Home » How Hope Can Change Your Life: Amy Downs (Full Transcript)

How Hope Can Change Your Life: Amy Downs (Full Transcript)

Full text of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing survivor Amy Downs’ talk: How Hope Can Change Your Life at TEDxOklahomaCity conference. In this talk, Amy shows how to overcome the most difficult moments in life with a hopeful mindset.

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Amy Downs – OKC Bombing Survivor, CEO, Ironman, and Motivational Speaker

An ancient Greek philosopher named Epictetus said the words:

“It is not what happens to you, but how you choose to react to it that matters.”

– Epictetus

And the year 2020 has brought us a truckload of it. We have all faced so many challenges. And business leaders in particular have faced overwhelming challenges, trying not to lay off their employees, trying to keep their profit at least at breakeven. It’s been a difficult year.

But I do believe the message of that quote. It isn’t so much what happens but how we choose to respond or react to it that really matters.

And I believe in using a little magic to respond with the power of hope.

Okay. To unpack that for you, I need to first take you back to 1988 with me.

The 1980s were a decade of great music, and really big hair and I had the big hair. I had it going on, big perm… you know, the bangs that kind of reach out and grab you. Man, I had some awesome hair. And that is about the only thing I had going for me in 1988.

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