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Home » Feeling Stuck – Fuelling Life From Average to Epic: Bosco Anthony (Transcript)

Feeling Stuck – Fuelling Life From Average to Epic: Bosco Anthony (Transcript)

Bosco Anthony at TEDxStanleyPark

Full text of digital strategist Bosco Anthony’s talk: Feeling Stuck – Fuelling Life From Average to Epic at TEDxStanleyPark conference. I hope this talk will motivate people to act on their personal purpose in life and empower transformation.

Best quote from this talk:

Most people choose to live their life by default. Very few live it by design.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Feeling stuck – fuelling life from average to epic by Bosco Anthony


Bosco Anthony – Digital strategist and storyteller

Are you living life by default?

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you a human doing as opposed to a human being?

This unspoken dialogue in our head that resides here is the invisible disease that is crippling modern-day society today.

Globally the numbers are rising of people struggling with living an average lifestyle. For some, this feels like imprisonment. We are slaves dictated by life’s pressures, demands and oppressions. I also like to call it a happy prison.

Guilt has become our shackles. Shame has become our captor. Inner struggle has become our prison.

We’re  reinventing slavery all over again! But this time it’s happening from within us.

So how do we break free? How do we feel unstuck?

I’m here to share some real-life applications on how to live your life from ‘Average’ to ‘Epic’!

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