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Home » Barbara Sher: Isolation is The Dream-Killer, Not Your Attitude (Transcript)

Barbara Sher: Isolation is The Dream-Killer, Not Your Attitude (Transcript)

Barbara Sher

Full transcript of career/lifestyle coach Barbara Sher’s TEDx Talk: Isolation is The Dream-Killer, Not Your Attitude at TEDxPrague conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: isolation-is-the-dream-killer-not-your-attitude-by-barbara-sher-at-tedxprague


I’ve something very important to tell you today. I’m so glad I was invited to this particular TED meeting. I really am, because it’s all about dreams, and that’s what it’s all about, and no kidding, that’s all I do. I also drink water.

When I was about 36, I had just gotten through a very bad year. I’d gotten a divorce, I had no money, I was in New York City, I had two very small children. I couldn’t get a day care center, so I couldn’t take a job. We stayed in welfare hotels in New York; that’s worth writing a novel about. They have cockroaches, so I would tell the kids, we could name the cockroaches, and we played “early computer games” with cockroaches on the wall.

But we got a day care center, I got a job, we got an apartment, and the kids were in school. And I was washing dishes when I was 36, and I thought, “By God, we made it.” The kids were great, I cried a lot, but we did it. We did it, that’s good, I’m proud of myself.

And then I had another thought. I thought, “Is this it? Is that what I get? Is my gravestone going to say, “Her house was frequently cleaned for very brief periods of time?”

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