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Home » Jordan Duffy: The Internet of Things at TEDxSouthBank (Transcript)

Jordan Duffy: The Internet of Things at TEDxSouthBank (Transcript)

Jordan Duffy at TEDxSouthBank

Here is the full transcript of Entrepreneur and innovation expert Jordan Duffy’s TEDx Talk: The Internet of Things at TEDxSouthBank conference. 

Jordan Duffy – Entrepreneur and innovation expert

So, the Internet of Things. Who loves the Internet? If you didn’t put your hand up, get out. If you haven’t used Google at work to do your job better, then you are wrong.

And who loves things? The chairs you are sitting and the glasses you are wearing, friends you hold pretty much everyone, some weird people down here.

Well, the Internet of Things — there’s a lot to it. I’m going to try to breeze through this in 7 minutes. But let’s jump into it.

Let’s jump into what Internet of Things, IoT really is. Now in the digital world, we can make everything talk to each other. We can make our phones talk to each other. We can make Facebook talk to each other. And in the physical world, not so much.

This is where our lives and technological development kind of stopped. But now, we are able to build a network so, multiple of physical objects — your chair, your table, your lounge those tim tams in the fridge — they are connected to the Internet.

If you don’t know what the Internet is you same weird people who said no, get out. It allows you to send so you can create and transmit, receive, so that you can receive and interpret and exchange data, you can have conversations with things around you.

So IoT will allow multiple physical objects, like the tim tams to be connected to the Internet. They can send just how good tim tams are to other tim tams and to you. And they can receive just how many people want those damn tim tams.

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