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Cesar Kuriyama: One Second Every Day (Full Transcript)

Cesar Kuriyama

Cesar Kuriyama is an American director, entrepreneur and speaker. He is most known for developing the application 1 Second Everyday, which allows the user to record one second of video every day and then chronologically edits them together into a single film.

Here is Cesar Kuriyama’s TED Talk Transcript entitled “One Second Every Day.”


So, I’m an artist. I live in New York, and I’ve been working in advertising for — ever since I left school, so about seven, eight years now, and it was draining.

I worked a lot of late nights. I worked a lot of weekends, and I found myself never having time for all the projects that I wanted to work on on my own.

And one day I was at work and I saw a talk by Stefan Sagmeister on TED, and it was called “The power of time off,” and he spoke about how every seven years, he takes a year off from work so he could do his own creative projects, and I was instantly inspired.

And I just said, “I have to do that. I have to take a year off. I need to take time to travel and spend time with my family and start my own creative ideas.”

So the first of those projects ended up being something I called “One Second Every Day.” Basically I’m recording one second of every day of my life for the rest of my life, chronologically compiling these one-second tiny slices of my life into one single continuous video until, you know, I can’t record them anymore.

The purpose of this project is, one: I hate not remembering things that I’ve done in the past. There’s all these things that I’ve done with my life that I have no recollection of unless someone brings it up, and sometimes I think, “Oh yeah, that’s something that I did.”

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