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Home » Why We Choose Suicide by Mark Henick at TEDxToronto (Transcript)

Why We Choose Suicide by Mark Henick at TEDxToronto (Transcript)

Mark Henick

Mark Henick, a mental health advocate, talks at TEDxToronto on Why We Choose Suicide on September 26, 2013 at The Royal Conservatory of Music.

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I was barely a teenager the first time I tried to kill myself. If I knew then what I know now, well it probably wouldn’t have changed very much. And it probably wouldn’t have changed very much because sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know, what you feel just takes over.

And there are so many ways like this that our perception becomes limited. In fact, our perception is its limits and these limits, they’re created by our biology, by our psychology, by our society. These are the factors which create that bubble which surrounds us, that is our perceptual field: Our world as we know it.

Now this bubble, our perceptual field that has this incredible ability to expand and contract based on changes in any of those factors which create an informant. Most of us have experienced the challenges of the contraction of our perception from time to time.

Think about that time when you got cut off in traffic, in the city, it was probably today let’s face it. When it happened maybe you felt your heart rate start to quicken, your face flushed, you jammed on your breaks in order to avoid a collision. And when you did, you focused in on that one license plate as it sped by.

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