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Home » What if we’re wrong about diabetes? By Peter Attia (Transcript)

What if we’re wrong about diabetes? By Peter Attia (Transcript)

Peter Attia

Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem? Asks Peter Attia at this TED talk presentation: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?

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I’ll never forget that day back in the spring of 2006.

I was a surgical resident at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, taking emergency call. I got paged by the ER around 2 in the morning to come and see a woman with a diabetic ulcer on her foot. I can still remember sort of that smell of rotting flesh as I pulled the curtain back to see her. And everybody there agreed this woman was very sick and she needed to be in the hospital. That wasn’t being asked. The question that was being asked of me was a different one, which was, did she also need an amputation?

Now, looking back on that night, I’d love so desperately to believe that I treated that woman on that night with the same empathy and compassion I’d shown the 27-year-old newlywed who came to the ER three nights earlier with lower back pain that turned out to be advanced pancreatic cancer. In her case, I knew there was nothing I could do that was actually going to save her life. The cancer was too advanced. But I was committed to making sure that I could do anything possible to make her stay more comfortable. I brought her a warm blanket and a cup of coffee. I brought some for her parents.

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