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Home » Coding Your Own Future: William LeGate at TEDxTeen 2014 (Transcript)

Coding Your Own Future: William LeGate at TEDxTeen 2014 (Transcript)

William LeGate – TRANSCRIPT

Hey, at this moment, somewhere in the world, a teenager’s firing up their laptop creating something that’s never been tried before. They have big dreams and big hopes. They know the success of their product is not determined by their age or gender but by the size of their vision, the scope of their imagination, and the power of their ideas. They’re an app developer, and they’re part of an ever-growing group of people who’ve realized that in this industry the only barrier to success, the only ticket entry is the size of your work ethic, the size of your dream, and the size of your vision.

My name is William LeGate, and I make apps because seeing an idea grow from a mere thought to a sketch, to a product? It’s insane. And then, after all that hard work, you know it’s become a part, in some small way, of peoples’ lives.

First hundreds, then thousands, then millions of people using something I dreamed up. Millions of people using an app I created. Think about that. When else in history could a teenager, a kid, someone with no programming experience whatsoever, create something with little to no start-up cost, and instantly distribute to people around the world at no cost to him or her? When else in history could our ideas reach so many people, so quickly, and impact them in so many profound ways? With the exception of being a celebrity, could you really impact the seemingly unlimited number of people, as a team, just a decade ago? The answer is probably not. But you can now.

Let me tell you my story: just five years ago, like many of you, I had no idea, I mean, no clue, zero, how to code or even the slightest understanding of how apps worked. But for some reason, being my weird self, I decided I want to make one for my phone. Three days! I was convinced it would take me three days to have an app up and running. I figured I’d give myself three weeks until I was a millionaire. Well, those three days turned into three months.

I wanted to give in, give up, try something else, something easier. I wanted to throw in the towel, but I just kept at it: one more hour, one more day, one more week. It wasn’t easy, and honestly, it wasn’t always fun, but after a while, slowly, I got the hang of it. Then one day, months after I began, it was finally done. That feeling, the knowledge that my app, the product of all this hard work, was suddenly available to millions upon millions of people was just insane.

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