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Home » Nationalism vs. Globalism: The New Political Divide with Yuval Noah Harari (Transcript)

Nationalism vs. Globalism: The New Political Divide with Yuval Noah Harari (Transcript)

Yuval Noah Harari


CHRIS ANDERSON: Hello. Welcome to this TED Dialogues. It’s the first of a series that’s going to be done in response to the current political upheaval. I don’t know about you. I’ve become quite concerned about the growing divisiveness in this country and in the world. No one’s listening to each other. Right? They aren’t. I mean, it feels like we need a different kind of conversation, one that’s based on — I don’t know, on reason, listening, on understanding, on a broader context. That’s at least what we’re going to try in these TED Dialogues, starting today.

And we couldn’t have anyone with us who I’d be more excited to kick this off. This is a mind right here that thinks pretty much like no one else on the planet, I would hasten to say I’m serious. I’m serious. He synthesizes history with underlying ideas in a way that kind of takes your breath away. So, some of you will know this book, “Sapiens.” Has anyone here read “Sapiens”? I mean, I could not put it down. The way that he tells the story of mankind through big ideas that really make you think differently — it’s kind of amazing. And here’s the follow-up, which I think is being published in the US next week.

YUVAL NOAH HARARI: Yeah, next week.

CHRIS ANDERSON: “Homo Deus”. Now, this is the history of the next hundred years. I’ve had a chance to read it. It’s extremely dramatic, and I daresay, for some people, quite alarming. It’s a must-read. And honestly, we couldn’t have someone better to help make sense of what on Earth is happening in the world right now. So a warm welcome, please, to Yuval Noah Harari. It’s great to be joined by our friends on Facebook and around the Web.

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