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Home » Dan Ariely on Self Control at TEDxDuke (Full Transcript)

Dan Ariely on Self Control at TEDxDuke (Full Transcript)

Dan Ariely on Self-control at TEDxDuke

Watch and read the full transcript of behavioral economist Dan Ariely’s TEDx Talk: Self Control at TEDxDuke Conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: dan-ariely-on-self-control-at-tedxduke


Self control. So, you must be thinking: ‘What do you have to do with problems of self control?’

Let’s take a little survey: How many people here in the last week have procrastinated more than you wish you would? How many people have exercised in the last week less than you wish you would? Have eaten more than you wish you would? Have had more unprotected sex than you wish you would?

So, I want to talk a little bit about self-control and self control is basically the problems that we have all this desire from ourselves for the long-term, but then in the short-term we do very different things. And to get us thinking about this, I want to tell you about one of my biggest challenge with self-control.

So, I was in a hospital for a long time and one of those things I got in hospital was a particular version of hepatitis. I got a bad blood transfusion and I got a liver disease as a consequence. And from time to time the liver disease would flur up and I would get even sicker than I was anyway and this was very unpleasant.

And about 7 years after I was already out of the hospital, after my injury, I had another one of those episodes I checked myself into a hospital and they told me I had hepatitis C. And the good news was that the FDA was running a clinical trial to figure out whether interferon, a medication that was originally approved for hairy cell leukemia was going to be successful for treating hepatitis C.

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