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Home » Don’t Find a Job, Find a Mission: Celeste Headlee (Full Transcript)

Don’t Find a Job, Find a Mission: Celeste Headlee (Full Transcript)

Celeste Headlee

Full transcript of journalist and author Celeste Headlee’s TEDx Talk: Don’t Find a Job, Find a Mission @ TEDxAugusta conference. This event occurred on January 30, 2015. To learn more about the speaker, read the bio here.


Listen to the MP3 Audio: Don’t find a job, find a mission by Celeste Headlee @ TEDxAugusta


Celeste Headlee – Journalist and Author

Grab whatever paper you have next to you, whether it’s the program or not and — think serious, I really want you to do this. Grab a writing utensil and I want you to answer a question for me and write the answer down.

Do you like your job? It’s number one.

And number two: do you think you’ll still like doing that job in 20 or 30 years?

So write that down for me. And then set it — if you’re laughing already — set it aside we’re going to come back to that later.

So the most common question that I get asked whenever I’m speaking in public is how did you get where you are and generally I say by accident; I stumbled into it.

But I will admit something to you today. I have been lying about that for a very long time. I didn’t actually stumble into it. It was a very carefully executed plan that I wasn’t aware of until a long time later.

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