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Don’t Try to Be Special: Sadhguru (Full Transcript)


Why is it people are not conscious?

The fundamental reason is they have taken themselves too seriously. They don’t understand that they’re just a pop up on the planet. They’ll pop up and pop out, but big fuss about that.

What is “me” has become too important. What is “me” means, my physical form is me, essentially, isn’t it?

So once my limitations become very important, there is no way to be conscious. You’re just becoming self-defeating in the process, it doesn’t matter how hard you try.

The only and only reason why the entire world is not naturally enlightened is, they’re dead serious about their lives.

Something being different…

When you don’t try to be special, when you just live as life is, that you don’t try to make yourself special. Because, wanting to be special is coming from a certain… an emptiness, or a certain inadequacy within a human being.

Where is the need to be special?

Every human being is unique in his own way. If he tries to be special he’ll only end up aping somebody, he will not be himself.

So when the life is unique, every leaf on the planet is unique, every atom in the existence is unique, where is the need for you to be special?

Being unique is better than being special, isn’t it?

The very nature of the existence is like this. The very nature of what’s happening around you is like this.

If you convert mud into food we call this agriculture. It’s the same mud, can you eat the mud? Can you take it on your plate and eat it? No.

But if you wait, you put a seed and wait, the same mud becomes food and how…we value it and eat it.

But it is something else. But when you eat it, it becomes flesh and bone, it becomes you and it’s so valuable for you and so many other people.

So this is the way of the life. What is filth will become a flower if only you mature it in the right direction.

This flower, its beauty and its fragrance comes from filth. The more filth you put at the root, better the flowers will grow.

So the question is not about what is different, the question is not about what is special, the question is just about will you allow yourself to mature or will you let yourself just roll in filth.

Everything – the earth that I walk upon, the air that I breathe, the water that I drink, the food that I eat, the very space in which we exist, the hand of the creator is active.

The only most beautiful thing that you can do is to be absolutely involved with this, but still not distort the hand of the creation.

You do not distort the hand of the creator. That is something that you do is an aberration to what the creator intends. The intelligence behind creation, what it is intending, to be in tune with that, not to do some rubbish of your own thing.

So this is a journey from being a piece of creation to being the creator. Every human being is capable of this. It’s my wish and my blessing this should become the reality in your life.

What we call as knowledge – stupid conclusions about life. Nobody is… today people are carrying their attention deficiency like a qualification. Anything in this existence will yield to you only if you pay substantial attention to it.

But now people have become like this. They can’t look at anything, everything is chuk chuk chuk chuk.

Now in this condition there will be no wonder, only conclusions in your head. There is no perception. There is only, you know monologues going on in your head, there is no perception.

If there is perception all noise in your head will just stop. If you’re looking at something absolutely beautiful and engaging, everything stops.

Why people are enjoying your cinema is just this, you switch off the lights, they’re focused on the thing. For those whatever few minutes or ninety minutes or whatever, their usual monologues are gone, something else is happening.

It is the attention which is making the difference, it is not what’s playing on the screen. It is what is playing on the screen is instrumental in grabbing the attention but it is the attention, continuous attention which is making the experience of being there.

So this is a rudimentary form of meditation. It’s called dharana. Everybody must do something about themselves. Every child, every school should bring this dimension that a child is required to pay attention to something continuously. It could be music; it could be dance.

See you cannot do music or dance unless you pay attention to it you know. You’ll make a fool of yourself if do not pay enough attention.

But you can pass an examination without attention. It’s not that I am incapable of anger. I am capable of everything. It is just that… I have not given this privilege to anybody that they can make me angry, they can make me happy, they can make me unhappy, they can make me miserable.

I’ve not given this privilege to anybody. It doesn’t make me angry. If they need a shouting I’ll give it to them.

See, there are different kinds of people in the world. There is somebody here, if I just look at them they’ll understand why they’re being looked at.

There’s somebody here, if you at them they’ll just stare back at you. If you tell them gently they will understand.

There is somebody here, if you tell them gently they won’t get it, you have to shout at them.

There is somebody else here, even if you shout they won’t get it, you have to knock them on their head and tell them.

Different levels of sensitivity in the world.

Your action should be appropriate to the situations in which you exist.

I am not bound like this, “I will not say this, I will be gentle, I will be nice,” I have no such things. I am just appropriate to the situations in which I exist.

What you need, I will do. If you need only shouting I will do. What’s my problem?

Life…uncultured, uncultivated just wild and as it is, that’s me. The life within you manages to stick to the physicality of who you are.

Physicality is something that you gathered. It is not you. It is material. It is just a piece of this planet.

What you gathered from the planet, if it has to stick to the life that you are, you must be in a certain level of reverberance.

If you drop in intensity below a certain point you can’t hold it. That is called as dying of old age.

If you have seen anybody close-up who are dying of old age, you will see his eyes become feeble, life becomes feeble, it’s like the body is struggling to hold it but it can’t hold because it’s become too feeble.

If the reverberation goes below a certain level of intensity it can’t stick to the body, it will leave. So that is generally understood as leaving peacefully because without struggle it just passed on.

So that is if the intensity drops.

Another way to leave is you raise the pitch of life’s intensity to such a pitch it went beyond normal pitch, then also you leave the body.

So, spiritual sadhana is trying to get the pitch of your life to the highest point. Because only if the intensity of life is high. It’s like the voltage is high, that’s why the lights are bright.

If your voltage is low, the lights will be dim, your awareness will be dim, your perception will be dim. All you will know is just…survival process.

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