Full Transcript: Eilona Ariel on Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation at TEDxJaffa 2013

Eilona Ariel

Vipassana Teacher and film-maker Eilona Ariel discusses Vipassana Meditation and Body Sensation at TEDxJaffa 2013 conference. Below is the full transcript of the whole talk.

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[Sound of airplane]

Do you feel it? Anything on your body? Sensations on your body? How about if we combine image and sound together?

[Sound of nails scraping the blackboard]

Most people react just like you did. So quite a number of researches were made on why we react the way we do to nails scraping a blackboard. One research found that it resembles a sound of the alarm calls of apes, and our ancient conditioning is reacting to it. A more recent research found that it has to do with our anatomy, the ear canal. Our ear canal amplifies a certain frequency and so the nails scraping a blackboard has that range that our ear amplifies, so it irritates us. But we really cannot change everything that causes us unpleasant sensations. it’s just impossible. And we run into visions and sounds and smells and tastes and touch everyday of our lives. We cannot just wipe everything.

26 centuries ago, there was a brilliant scientist, The Buddha. He made a six-year research and at the end of that research he found that every input, every data the mind receives through the sense doors, the sense bases, every vision, sound, taste, smell or touch evokes a sensation on the body, and we are blindly reacting to it.

The mind also brings some dramas, memories, thoughts, emotions, anger, fear; it always comes with a sensation on the body. The remarkable thing was that he found that we actually react to the sensations and not to the outside object; the mind receives an image, a form, a shape and it will immediately recognize it: a human being, a man, good-looking, scary looking. And reaction will come with a sensation. If it’s a handsome guy, pleasant sensations, scary guy, unpleasant sensations, and our breath also will start pumping. That scientist realized that we react with craving, constantly.

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You just saw a number of examples before which were gross and intense and you felt a sensation on the body but actually, every moment in your life, even right now, your sub-conscious mind keeps producing reactions. You changed your posture. You were not comfortable. You changed to a more comfortable position because you don’t like the unpleasant sensations, right? Or maybe one of you came with a real tight pants today, a tight belt; soon enough you may find the speaker is annoying and you really would want to get out of here, but it’s because you didn’t come with your pajamas or anything loose that would make you enjoy today.

So we don’t even know that we keep reacting all the time to sensations being evoked on our bodies. The Buddha gave a mental practice to come out of the blind reactions. And it is called Vipassana. It means to see in a special way, like insight, like to realize out of experience, and I was lucky enough to get to know about a ten-day course in Nepal 26 years ago. It was a silent retreat where they taught Vipassana meditation; I didn’t know exactly what meditation was, but I couldn’t believe it when I sat there ten hours a day for ten days and discovered that I’m actually not reacting to anybody who insults me. It’s not to the person. It’s to the unpleasant sensations he evokes on my body. I don’t suffer because of my sadness which I had, it’s the sensations that came along with that emotion.

And so, at the end of that course, I couldn’t wait picking up the phone to everybody I knew and called them and tell them, “You have to go.” I was living in Nepal at that time, I called the whole world, whoever I knew. Some took it seriously, and even went, but people like my sister, for example, she was like, “Eiona, you sound like a missionary!” And when she said that, it sank in, seriously, I stopped telling people about this experience but I felt I had to do something.

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