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Home » Transcript: Dr. Gerald Pollack on The Fourth Phase of Water at TEDxGuelphU

Transcript: Dr. Gerald Pollack on The Fourth Phase of Water at TEDxGuelphU

Dr. Gerald Pollack

Here is the full transcript of Dr. Gerald Pollack’s TEDx Talk titled ‘The 4th Phase of Water’ at TEDxGuelphU conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: The Fourth Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU


Dr. Gerald Pollack – Professor of bioengineering at University of Washington

Thank you. Water is quite beautiful to look at, and I guess you probably all know that you’re two-thirds water — you do, don’t you? Right. But you may not know that because the water molecule is so small that two-thirds translates into 99% of your molecules. Think of it, 99% of your molecules are water.

So, your shoes are carrying around a blob of water essentially. Now, the question is, in your cells, do those water molecules actually do something? Are these molecules essentially jobless or do they do something that might be really, really interesting? For that matter, are we even really sure that water is H₂O? We read about that in the textbook, but is it possible that some water is actually not H₂O? So, these are questions whose answers are actually not as simple as you think they might be.

In fact, we’re really in the dark about water, we know so little. And why do we know so little? Well, you probably think that water is so pervasive, and it’s such a simple molecule, that everything ought to be known about water, right? I mean you’d think it’s all there. Well, scientists think the same. Many scientists think, oh, water it’s so simple, that everything must be known. And, in fact, that’s not at all the case.

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