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Home » Garth Lenz: The True Cost of Oil at TEDxVictoria (Full Transcript)

Garth Lenz: The True Cost of Oil at TEDxVictoria (Full Transcript)

Garth Lenz

Here is the full transcript of photographer Garth Lenz’s TEDx Talk: The True Cost of Oil at TEDxVictoria conference.

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Hi everyone. The world’s largest and most devastating environmental and industrial project is situated in the heart of the largest and most intact forest in the world: Canada’s boreal forest. It stretches right across Northern Canada, in Labrador, it’s home to the largest remaining wild caribou herd in the world: the George River caribou herd, numbering approximately 400,000 animals. Unfortunately, when I was there, I couldn’t find one of them, but you have the antlers as proof.

All across the boreal, we’re blessed with this incredible abundance of wetlands. Wetlands globally are one of the most endangered ecosystems. They’re absolutely critical ecosystems, they clean air, they clean water, they sequester large amounts of greenhouse gases, and they’re home to a huge diversity of species. In the boreal, they are also the home where almost 50% of the 800 bird species found in North America migrate north to breed and raise their young.

In Ontario, the boreal marches down south to the north shore of Lake Superior. And these incredibly beautiful boreal forests were the inspiration for some of the most famous art in Canadian history, the Group of Seven were very inspired by this landscape. And so the boreal is not just a really key part of our natural heritage, but also an important part of our cultural heritage.

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