Les Brown: The Power to Change (Full Transcript)

Les Brown

Here is the full transcript of Les Brown’s motivational speech: The Power to Change.

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Les Brown – Author, motivational speaker

Most of us go through life pretending — pretending that we’re satisfied where we are, pretending that everything is OK, pretending that that we don’t have any special goals, ambitions or desires when really deep down inside we do really want more. Find out what it is you want and go after as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does. It’s time for you to look within yourself and decide that I’m in charge of my destiny. I’m in charge here.

Speaker: Les Brown believes that you have the power to change your life and he knows what he’s talking about, because he’s done it. Les and his twin brother grew up on the tough streets of Miami’s Liberty City after being adopted at the age of six weeks by Mamie Brown, a single woman with a big heart. Les still calls himself Mamie’s boy. She expected things of him, so he graduated from high school although he’d been mistakenly labeled mentally retarded in grammar school. And he built himself a successful career as a fast-talking disc jockey although he had no radio training. And he became a community leader and was eventually elected to three full terms in the Ohio state legislature. Along the way, Les developed a hunger for reading and self-improvement that led to his speaking career. Today he spends his time enjoying his family relaxing and being with his six children and giving about 200 speeches a year which focus on helping people find ways to overcome the obstacles they face in their own lives.

Les Brown – Author, motivational speaker

Thank you. Thank you very much. How many of you thought about some things that you know that you deserve or you want out of life where you would like to enjoy experience and you found yourself blocking your separation and has that ever happened to you before? All right, very good.

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Here’s what I want you to do. Shake somebody’s hand on your right and your left and here’s what I want you to say: Whatever you’re seeking, it’s seeking you. You can have it. Give yourselves a round of applause. All right.

Now the reason I brought that up is I was riding with a friend the other day, and I know this friend of mine who has been working on a job where she’s been miserable for a long time. She was telling me about how she was miserable on the job and how she was so unhappy. So I said, ‘If it’s that stressful and if it’s causing you that much pain, I’d say why don’t you just quit and do something else?’

And she said something that really put her in the chorus line with a lot of other people, she said, ‘I would but’. And then I started to thinking about that, I said, let me take a poll. So I started talking to other people and I would ask them what they were doing. And I’d say, ‘but is that your passion?’ and they would say no. I said, ‘Then what’s your real passion?’ And they would tell me what their real passion was.

Then I’d say, ‘but then why aren’t you doing what you really want to do?’ ‘Oh I can do it but’ and they would continue on. So this word ‘but’ just kept on coming up. And then it also has some friends like would, could and should. And one day I’m going to have my own business. People will talk about ‘one day I’m going to…’ some of you all know some of those ‘one day I’m going to’ people are, raise your hand. Some of you get up in the morning, look in the mirror of that person. I am just teasing, I am just teasing all right.

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