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Full text of pastor Joseph Prince’s sermon titled ‘Give Me This Mountain’ which was preached on Sunday, 9 September 2018, at The Star Performing Arts Centre, Singapore.

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Joseph Prince – Senior Pastor, New Creation Church, Singapore

How y’all doing Church? Good to see y’all. At least greet three persons around you. Amen. And if you’re greeting the person above you, that could be an angel around you, at least three. Encourage them. Everyone needs encouragement. Regardless of how they appear outside, everyone needs encouragement.

You’ll be surprised that the most sanguine among us, the most optimistic people, sometimes they are the ones that need encouragement. Never feel like you know, I think, you know, I’ll be embarrassed if it turned out to be… no, the word of encouragement. That’s why prophecy… the gift of prophecy is to be exercised in the body of Christ above any other gifts, even above the gift of healing. The Bible says rather that you prophesy, rather that you prophesy. Amen.

Prophecy speaks to men unto edification, building them up, exhortation, and comfort, drawing people close to God, and comfort. Boy, we need comfort in this world.

Do you realize that the world out there, everything is about transaction, commerce, money, you are looked upon as you are here to give me a profit, you are here to increase my income? But somewhere there must be a place where we love each other, not because of what you can give but because I love you. You, you, I love you.

And you know where you find that place? In the church, in the house of God. Amen. I know not every church experience has been along those lines around the world. But when God looks at the church, the church is the earth’s last bastion of hope. It is the only place that you will find true love, real answers, Heaven’s cure for earthly cares.

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So here in the house of God is where you find not just God loving us, but us loving one another. And then another place where you find love and you know that people love you for who you are is home, our families. It should always be the place where when a child comes home is a place of refuge, is a place of an oasis of love. An oasis where they know that they will be accepted with all their mistakes.

So parents, do not turn your little homes, and some of you not so little, into another school and please don’t turn into a principal’s office. It’s a place of hope; they’ve got enough out there. Your husband has enough out there. When he comes home and you tell him, you know, I always appreciate what you’re doing for the family. Your words will sink in his heart.

And during those moments when he thinks of you all by himself and comparing you with other ladies who may look even more attractive in his workplace, those words you speak will sink. They are right on eagle’s wings into his heart. And he will start thinking, yep, you can see that lovely shell out there but is she able to give the kind of word that my wife gives, amen. Your words will penetrate the hardest hearts. The crust of that heart will just break open.

When you say things like you know, you are a special man, you are truly a man to me. Amen. Even a man like this will be like this. Praise the Lord. Amen. Don’t think for one moment just because a man has muscles, he doesn’t need encouragement. Amen. He needs encouragement.

Wherever you’re watching this, this giant needs encouragement. Am I right? Am I helping you here? Amen. Are you encouraged? Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

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All right, let’s go right to Galatians Chapter 4 for our study today and what the Lord has for us is going to be exciting? Because I’m talking to God’s children. I’m breaking the living bread and feeding you bite size, Amen.


And always remember when you come to church. Yes, no doubt we, we write down what we learn. We look at the references, but many times we are taught that the Bible is for us to apply. You know, in the Hebrew there is a word called “PaRDeS” from where the English derived the word paradise, but paradise usually is a location, a place.

But PaRDeS is the levels of interpretation in Hebrew of the Torah. There is a Parsha (Peshat), you know, which is a superficial reading, and then there Remez which is the application which most churches, most people around the world when they study the Bible, they stop at the Remez level. But if you go down all the way, the lowest is Sod; it is the mysteries that is unfolded to us by the Holy Spirit. And then there’s Darash, there is a meaning behind those words that is not seen superficially and that is in the areas of typology.

And I shared the last time that whatever happened to the children of Israel in the past, by the way, you see there at PaRDeS… Amen. Parsha, Remez, Darash, and Sod, which is the secret.

This to me, is important, because when we read the Bible, if the Bible is just application, when you study Joshua, you study Moses, then you think, okay, what did Moses do? Well, some of the things that he did was, was back then, right and it was just. He will destroy one person, so that the rest will not be defiled, the rest will not be destroyed ultimately, right?

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We don’t do that today. We let the courts do that. The body of Christ operates on a different principle: the principle of grace. We are a heavenly people. When someone does us wrong, we forgive. Now I am not talking about people taking advantage of you financially and things like that, where there is a court thing, a court case involved, but even then, let’s resolve in the church.

The Bible says, it is sad when you go to unbelieving people to resolve your problems, they can resolve in the church. And then Paul makes up this statement that, you know, strips off the pride of all the Corinthian believers. He says that: is there no wise men among you? Is there no wise men in the church? We can gather the wise men, and we can resolve it.

That’s why we say whatever it is, whether you are contemplating divorce or whatever, don’t go to the world, at least not to the world, first. There are wise men in the church. Sit down, amen. Even your husband is not willing, we got the wise men will know what to do. In the multitude of counselors, there is safety (Proverbs 11:14).

A pastor asked advice from my sister, and from my aunt, and from my best friend at work and all that. I’m glad for them, God bless them. But the Bible says in the multitude of counselors… the word counsel in the Bible denotes wisdom, people who have a walk with God, people who hear God, and who’s able to give you Godly counsel.

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