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Home » God, Marxism, and the Fall of the West: Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Transcript) 

God, Marxism, and the Fall of the West: Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast episode 457 titled “God, Marxism, and the Fall of the West” with author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This episode was recorded on June 13th, 2024.

Listen to the audio version here:


DR. JORDAN B. PETERSON: Hello everybody. I have the privilege today to speak with Ayaan Hirsi Ali who, I don’t know, if you took the ten bravest people in the world she’d be one of them as far as I can tell. And she made a remarkable splash years ago with her first book Infidel which talked about her experience about moving from Somalia to the Netherlands which is like the center of western civilization. And so that was a great book and Ayaan has had a very storied political career to say the least and a threatened life in many ways standing up against the Islamic fundamentalists.

She’s recently converted to Christianity which is also a stunningly brave move for someone in her situation. And she’s launched a new enterprise called Restoration which is a sub-stack media enterprise designed to make a case for the necessary primacy and what would you say bedrock foundational necessity of the presumptions of western civilization.

And so we had a chance to talk about all that and so I would say it’ll be 90 minutes well worth your while with the additional conversation that I had with her as well on the Daily Wire side. So welcome everybody. Listening to Ayaan, that’s always worthwhile. She’s a real force of nature and so as I said it was a privilege to talk to her again.

Discussing Restoration

DR. JORDAN B. PETERSON: All right so you’ve recently announced a new writing and media endeavor and I’ve been following that quite avidly particularly on Twitter and so called Restoration. And so do you want to tell us how that came to be and what it is and what you’re hoping to accomplish with it?

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