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Home » How AI Could Empower Any Business: Andrew Ng (Transcript) 

How AI Could Empower Any Business: Andrew Ng (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of Andrew Ng’s talk titled “How AI Could Empower Any Business” at TED conference.

Computer scientist Andrew Ng’s TED talk, “How AI Could Empower Any Business,” draws an insightful parallel between the rise of literacy and the potential democratization of artificial intelligence (AI). He posits that just as literacy once transformed society by empowering more individuals to read and write, AI could similarly revolutionize modern society by becoming accessible to all.

Ng highlights the current concentration of AI development within large tech companies due to the substantial costs involved in building sophisticated AI systems. Through real-world examples, such as a local pizza store owner, Ng demonstrates how small businesses could significantly benefit from AI, despite the common belief that massive datasets are necessary for AI’s effectiveness. He discusses the emergence of new AI development platforms that prioritize data provision over coding, making AI more accessible to non-experts.

Ng envisions a future where individuals and small businesses can create custom AI solutions, thereby democratizing AI’s benefits and fostering a more inclusive economic growth. His talk is a compelling call to action for expanding access to AI technologies, ensuring that their transformative potential is shared across the entire spectrum of society.

Listen to the audio version here:


When I think about the rise of AI, I’m reminded by the rise of literacy. A few hundred years ago, many people in society thought that maybe not everyone needed to be able to read and write. Back then, many people were tending fields or herding sheep, so maybe there was less need for written communication.

And all that was needed was for the high priests and priestesses and monks to be able to read the Holy Book, and the rest of us could just go to the temple or church or the holy building and sit and listen to the high priest and priestesses read to us.

Fortunately, it was since figured out that we can build a much richer society if lots of people can read and write. Today, AI is in the hands of the high priests and priestesses. These are the highly skilled AI engineers, many of whom work in the big tech companies. And most people have access only to the AI that they build for them.

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