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Dr. Wendy Pogozelski: How Knowledge is Power in Nutrition (Transcript)

Dr. Wendy Pogozelski

Here is the full transcript of biochemistry professor Dr. Wendy Pogozelski’s TEDx Talk: How Knowledge is Power in Nutrition at TEDxSUNYGeneseo conference. This event happened on April 4, 2015 at Geneseo, New York.

Listen to the MP3 Audio: How Knowledge is Power in Nutrition by Dr. Wendy Pogozelski at TEDxSUNYGeneseo

Dr. Wendy Pogozelski – Professor of Biochemistry

Good evening. It’s a privilege to be here.

I would like to thank the organizers for doing a great job. And I’m very happy to begin sharing with you some of my experiences, and I really want to emphasize the point that knowledge is power.

So when I came to Geneseo, I had to teach a course in metabolism. And this is metabolism. So talk about needing some memory techniques.

If you’re learning all these reaction pathways, the students really had to pull out some memory links. But also, as a teacher, I felt that I was being deathly dull in teaching this. So I knew that I had to find some ways to make this interesting and memorable for the students.

So I thought, well, everybody eats, right? The obvious thing would be to link biochemistry with nutrition. You’d think that the biochemistry textbooks would do this, but they don’t do it.

So I said, let’s look at some of these controversial diets that are out there, and maybe I can compare these diets and bring this information into class, and make it a little more exciting for the students to learn. I especially began focusing on some of these low-carb diets, there are even ones in Russia and France, Australia and across the United States.

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