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Home » Eran Segal: What is the Best Diet for Humans? at TEDxRuppin (Transcript)

Eran Segal: What is the Best Diet for Humans? at TEDxRuppin (Transcript)

Eran Segal at TEDxRuppin

Here is the full transcript of computational biologist Eran Segal’s TEDx Talk: What is the Best Diet for Humans? at TEDxRuppin conference. This event took place on June 23, 3016. 

Listen to the MP3 Audio: What is the best diet for humans by Eran Segal at TEDxRuppin

Eran Segal – Computational biologist

This is me ten years ago. I weighed 40 pounds more than today, and like many people, I wanted to lose weight.

Like many people, I wanted to know what is the best diet for humans. Many of us actually have an opinion about this question. Some believe that a low fat, plant-based diet is the best. Others, that a low-carb diet, rich in protein and animal fat, is the best. Others have opinions on how much sugar we should eat, or how much salt, cholesterol, saturated fat, eggs or dairy products we should have in our diet.

But the question of what the best diet is, is a scientific one, so there should be no room for opinions or beliefs. If Diet A is really better than Diet B, then a study that compares the two on enough people should show that definitively. No opinions, no beliefs, just hard data, right?

What is also clear is that if the best diet does exist, then we haven’t yet found it, because the incidence of diet-related disease has increased dramatically in the past several decades. Now, you might think it’s because people don’t listen to what we tell them. But in fact, that’s not true, people actually generally do follow dietary guidelines.

But according to the Center for Disease Control, if you live in the United States, there’s over a 70 percent chance that you’re either overweight, diabetic or have non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease. And there’s overwhelming evidence that diet and lifestyle are major drivers of these conditions.

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