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Home » How To Be A Better Fundraiser: Kara Logan Berlin (Transcript)

How To Be A Better Fundraiser: Kara Logan Berlin (Transcript)

Kara Logan Berlin at TEDxSantaClaraUniversity

Here is the full text of development strategist Kara Logan Berlin’s talk titled “How to be a better fundraiser” at TEDxSantaClaraUniversity conference.

Kara Logan Berlin – TEDx Talk TRANSCRIPT

I’m here today to talk about fundraising, or as you probably think of it, “the other F-word.”

Because if you want to change the world, you have to know how to pay for it. I’m not talking about being a good person — you can do that for free. I’m talking about if you want to create something, start something, galvanize a community, improve the lives of others, run for office.

Every day, great ideas die on the vine, because they don’t have capital to get off the ground. And all of the work, the thought, the vision that goes into the idea, isn’t worth much if you can’t pay your bills.

And while most of the greatest social movements in history were powered purely by an idea and people’s belief in that idea, real change and impact require resources.

Real people do this work, they need real change, real impact and resources to actually make it happen. The people that believe in this work have to have the support and the resources to do it. That’s where I come in. I get essential resources into the hands of people and visionaries on the front lines, doing work that matters.

We spend the majority of our waking hours working. We spend more time working than we do with our loved ones. So I decided early on that I have to love my work, and it has to add value.

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