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How I Met God in a McDonald’s: Tracey Lind (Transcript)

Tracey Lind at TEDxClevelandStateUniversity

Here is the full text of Episcopalian minister Tracey Lind’s talk titled “How I Met God in a McDonald’s” at TEDxClevelandStateUniversity conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio:

Best quote from this talk:

“I believe that the voice whom we call by many names and hear in many languages and meet in many places, even a McDonald’s, lives inside of each and every one of us.”


Thirty years ago, I met God in a McDonald’s.

Really. It happened at five o’clock on the afternoon of January 31st, 1984. It was the day before my second semester of seminary.

I’d entered divinity school to wrestle with two questions that had haunted me for years: my religious identity and my vocation.

Like nearly 40% of all Americans, I come from an interfaith background — my father was a Reform Jew; my mother, a skeptical Protestant — and my upbringing was a rich blend of both traditions with a very healthy dose of secularism.

To this day, I joke about lighting Hanukkah lights under the Christmas tree and hunting for Easter eggs at the Passover Seder.

As a child of the ’60s, I had a passion for justice, and I wanted to be a religious leader who would change the world. I just wasn’t sure whether I should become a rabbi or a minister.

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