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Home » How to Educate Your Children: Jeff Sandefer (Transcript)

How to Educate Your Children: Jeff Sandefer (Transcript)

Transcript of JB Peterson Podcast titled “How to Educate Your Children”. In this podcast Dr Jordan B Peterson and Jeff Sandefer discuss the k-12 education machine, its origins and failures, and how the Acton Academies are making leaps to correct the system.


JORDAN B PETERSON: Hello, everyone. I’m pleased today to be speaking with Jeff Sandefer, who’s someone I’ve known for a number of years and worked together on a variety of projects. We’re going to talk today about childhood education and about his background, depending on which platform you’re viewing.

Jeff is an entrepreneur and a Socratic teacher, which is a teacher, by the way, who tends to ask questions rather than provide answers. He began his first business at the age of 16, then trained as an engineer and then went on to graduate from the Harvard Business School. He has started and run many successful businesses, the most recent of which is Sandefer Capital Partners, an oil and gas investment firm with several billion dollars in assets.

He’s also started multiple academic programs and schools. Going to concentrate on that today, such as the Acton School of Business, whose students were named the most competitive MBAs in the nation by the Princeton Review. He’s extended this work over the last 15 years into the K-12 realm, kindergarten through grade 12, with the Acton Academy, a cutting edge program that blends the one room schoolhouse, the Socratic method and 21st century technology to aid each student in changing the world, themselves and the world.

So Jeff, we get a chance to sit down and talk today and to share that with a very large number of people. Jeff and I were talking before this podcast about what we wanted to talk about. And last night we thought about construing this in terms of educational reform, but really the proper way to set this conversation up is to talk about education, not so much reform, but education per se.

And so let’s start a little bit by talking about your background though. And we might as well go back to, I guess, your early experiences in early adulthood and let’s lay that out. And then we can place in the educational discussion as appropriate.

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