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Home » How to Win the Culture War: Dr. Peter Kreeft (Transcript)

How to Win the Culture War: Dr. Peter Kreeft (Transcript)

Full text of Dr. Peter Kreeft’s talk titled “How to Win the Culture War” at Franciscan University.

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Dr. Peter Kreeft – Professor of Philosophy at Boston College

I hate to disappoint you. I can’t live up to that. But there is a deeper reason I will disappoint you. I’m not Peter Kreeft. I only look like Peter Kreeft. I am really Screwtape, C.S. Lewis’s famous senior demon from the Screwtape Letters.

I look like a human being, don’t I? My disguise is pretty good. My business is to give advice to Wormwood, my junior associate and student, about how to win the culture war. So if you’re overhearing this, this is how you can lose the culture war.

So my topic is not how to win the culture war, it’s how to lose it. Especially, I’m going to tell Wormwood how to tempt the Catholic Church, which is the only thing that stands in the way of the total collapse of Western civilization into a swirl of garbage down the drain.

I suppose I should remind you that it might be a little confusing for you to try to follow my line of thinking as Screwtape, because for you everything will be upside down. For instance, whenever I refer to the being you call God, I use the name the Enemy. So maybe you should stand on your head while you listen to this lecture, at least mentally.

Ah, Wormwood, my sweetly bitter, beautifully ugly, and virtuously vicious demon. I give you today, from my superior and successful demonic wisdom, seven basic ideas which you must keep planting in the unconscious minds of American Catholics, especially their theologians and their bishops. Always remember Judas Iscariot was a bishop, the first bishop to accept a government grant. I believe it was 30 pieces of silver. They’ve upped the ante nowadays, though.

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