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Home » How To Get The World’s Most Sought-After Job: Max Fosh (Transcript)

How To Get The World’s Most Sought-After Job: Max Fosh (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of YouTuber Max Fosh’s talk titled “How To Get The World’s Most Sought-After Job” at TEDxOxford conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Unexpected Journey to Viral Fame

In May 2022, I turned up to a field in West Sussex with 600 square meters of tarpaulin, and I was there for work. Over five hours, myself and three esteemed colleagues drove 400 pegs into the ground. It took five hours. And three days later, our handiwork had been seen by over 400 million people, from New Zealand to Israel.

What I had done is that I had written a massive “Welcome to Luton” sign right next to Gatwick Airport. “No, please, that does not deserve an applause.” Now, obviously, when I was putting it into the ground, I had no idea what my handiwork would look like, so I needed to check that it was all in the right place. So, I did what anyone would do, and I got a flight from London Heathrow to London Gatwick via Amsterdam.

I didn’t even get off the plane, and so when I was flying into Gatwick on the left-hand side, 20 seconds before landing, there it was. There was my handiwork. Border control was a bit of an issue because, according to border control, I hadn’t even left the country and flown from Heathrow to Gatwick. So when the border control asked what I was doing, whether I was here for work or pleasure, I said that I was here to see my handiwork half a mile up the road.

She looked at me, smiled, stamped my passport, and went, “Oh, you naughty boy.” Now, it’s weird to think, but this is my job. I am a YouTuber, which is the most sought-after profession for young kids at school today, more so than an actor, more so than a scientist or an astronaut. I am a YouTuber, and I’m essentially professionally silly for a living.

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A Journey Beyond Tarpaulin

I’m not confined to tarpaulin-based videos, no, no. I ran for London Mayor in 2020 with my main manifesto point being, “Don’t vote for me.” I came 19th out of 20, which is remarkable. I also served roadkill to food critics without them knowing, and I technically became the richest man in the world for seven minutes, being worth 500 billion pounds.

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